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Utah’s Premier Paramedic and EMS Medical Training Academy

Home of the Medical Holograms, HoloProjections, and Virtual/Augmented, and Mixed Reality EMS Training

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Have You Wanted to Make a Difference in the Lives of Those Around You?

Utah’s Paramedic and EMS/Medical Training Academy is a state of the art EMS training facility and Medical training facility where you can come and learn and grow to change your life, and the lives of those around you.

Come learn with us. Change your life, and the lives of others. Register Today!

Our Cutting Edge Technology Will Help Your Learn Using Real World Scenarios

Don’t Just See What It’s Like to Work in the Field
Experience it in a Whole New Way

Experience the body systems like never before.

When you attend one of our Emergency Medical Service Academies you’ll learn using the latest cutting edge technology.

Imagine become fully immersed with a real live beating heart, or a 6 foot tall holographic anatomical model, in the middle of your classroom. Zoom in to take a closer look. Experience it up close and personal.

Gain Critical Real World Experience

As one of our EMS students, you’ll virtually experience what it is like inside a real ambulance on a real call handling a critical patient and succeed.

Do it all from the inside of the classroom, before you even hit the street.

Just imagine how much more confident you’ll feel as you become some of the best prepared emergency medical personal on the planet.

Participate in a completely new learning experience. 

Using technology that offers a mixed reality brings people, places, and objects from the physical and digital worlds together, the Utah Paramedic Academy offers an experience that will make it much easier for you to understand how the vital system works from the inside out.
This virtual world offers an experience not available with any other emergency management services training program. 

Emergency Medical Services Courses Offered

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The goal of Utah’s Paramedic Inc: to train students to positively impact and save the lives of medical, accident, and trauma victims through the best education available.